Mortgage – a perfect solution!

What do you do when you have a nasty, filthy old flat and you want to move from there as fast as possible? Obviously, you look for a new apartment in a modern block of flats. But then you see the price and start thinking how long it will take to save that amount of money. And your strong desire to get a neat flat slowly starts to fade away. Luckily, in our capitalistic world, a great thing was invented to help an average person buy real estate.

It’s called mortgage – a great invention that has made many people’s lives better, including my own. And here’s my story.

I have experienced a pretty tough time a while ago and mortgage helped me to find a way out of this. I want to share this experience with you. I studied at a university and my parents bought me a small flat quite far from the city center. Honestly, I hated it, because the bathroom was tiny, my neighbors were crazy and it took me a while to get to the university from God knows where. And at that time I decided I had to move. I found the apartment I wanted, in a brand-new building in the park.

It was just what I wanted. But it was pricy of course, more precisely - $100000, the money I couldn’t pay at once. However, I knew about that mortgage thing, and I hoped it would work out for me. And it did! I just had to fill in all the papers, prove that I worked (I was working as a waiter at a cafe), and tell them my terms. Beforehand, I had thought everything over.

So, firstly, I found a bank that could give me mortgage, with the lowest interest rate which was 7% per year. I used the Mortgage calculator to count my monthly payment in such a way that it was most suitable for me.

Eventually, I’ve made up my mind. I chose to pay $100000 in 40 years which meant the monthly payment would be $620. I earned $800 a month plus my parents sent me some, so I was satisfied. The authorities warned me that if I didn’t pay in time, they would confiscate my flat and sell it to somebody else. However I wasn’t planning to do anything wrong so I followed all the agreements.

At the moment I have my own business and make a lot more than I used to. So now I can close the debt a lot earlier which is really convenient. I’m getting married sometime soon and to tell the truth, I’m planning to use mortgage again, but this time for getting a large house in the countryside to place my family. And I’m just so thankful to the mortgage system that has made my dreams come true.

So if you are thinking of moving to a new place then the mortgage system might help you as it did to me.